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Welcome to Our Website !

Posted on Wed, Jan 11, 2012

Welcome to our website. Take a good look around, because there's a lot to see. Be sure to get yourself an account for personalization. Take a look at our forums to talk with one another. Please let the webmaster know if you have any questions.

Premiere Academy of Academic Excellence and Performing Arts is designed to meet the needs of Twenty-first Century learning! 

Premiere Academy strives to be a national leader as we combine spiritual development, academic excellence, and exposure to the Arts through daily instruction. Our great school is comprised of hard working students, dedicated staff, and faithful volunteers. We value our partnerships with families and are grateful to our volunteer community, all of whom help our school achieve excellence.

We believe that it is important to have high expectations of all of our students. We respect our students and families and we expect to receive respect in return. We value the diversity and cultures of all of our students and staff and hope our learning community can be a role model of cooperation and support for each other.

We at Premiere Academy of Academic Excellence and Performing Arts invite you to visit our campus. Upon your arrival you will find highly engaged students, energetic staff and a level of learning in a Christ centered atmosphere that will amaze you. My door is always open. I appreciate feedback from our parentsas well as the community. Working together positively will lead to success for everyone!

Shilisha Logan, COO


   Discussion: Welcome to Our Website !
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