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      · Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund - Alabama has thousands of bright, curious children from Florence to Fairhope, from urban centers to family farms. These children possess so much ability and promise but desperately need the opportunity to reach their full potential.
      · Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund - Don't be left out in 2015/2016, Sign up now on the scholarship interest form for 2015/2016!!!!!!!!! Don't be left out in the 2015/2016 school year, register now!!!!
    • Premiere Academy of Academic Excellence and Performing Arts, is an answer to an urgent call to action to provide quality educational choices in Birmingham, which is one of the largest cities in Alabama. Premiere Academy of Academic Excellence and Performing Arts isn’t just about artistic expression; it is about trying new things, observing cause and effect, flexible problem solving, character values, and community service.  Join us as we try to help the many hundreds of children and youth, most of them disadvantaged, succeed by sustaining a powerful academic and arts education programs which is threatened by today’s fiscal climate.

      •Exposure to theatre education provides students with opportunities to make choices, apply their own personal experiences, and reach students who are otherwise turned off by standard school subjects.

      •Low income students with high arts education exposure are TWICE as likely to complete college as those at their income level who had very low exposure to the arts.

      •CEO’s from around the world recently expressed their strong concern about the creativity and viability of the American workforce, citing creativity as the #1 most important leadership quality.

      Premiere Christian Academy of Excellence is working in close collaboration with the standards of The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as other schools and districts to ensure that our programs meet relevant accreditation, testing and other academic standards. However, because the current economic and philanthropic environment threatens programs like ours with dramatic cutbacks or even closures, our goal is to raise $3.5 million over the next five years and ensure that no child is denied access to the critical development of creativity.


    • Custom Text

      Preschool & Elementary Admissions

      Premiere Academy of Academic Excellence and Performing Arts seeks to enroll students who will benefit from its mission and programs. The goal of the school is to select a well balanced and diverse student body composed of students who will be successful in the traditions of Premiere Aacademy. Inquiries are welcome and parents of candidates applying for admission should telephone or inquire online for an appointment to meet with the admissions staff and to tour the school.

      It begins with a tour...

      1. Inquire Online to schedule a tour
      2. Take a tour and meet with our K-5th Grade Administration
      3. Submit an Application of Admission

      Admission Policy

      The school carefully weighs a variety of factors when making admission decisions for Preschool and Elementary School enrollment. Previous school records and teacher recommendations are requested prior to the admission of new students. Prior grades, achievement test scores, conduct reports and attendance records will be taken under consideration. Upon receipt of admission materials, an assessment of the prospective student will be arranged with the school Principal.

      Admission Procedure

      After you have taken a tour of our school and met with our Director of Admissions, the admission procedure can begin. The following are components of our elementary and middle school admission process:

      1. Receipt of Application of Admission

      2. Receipt of Student Records

      3. Receipt of Student Referral Form

      4. Receipt of Student's Immunization Records

      5. Review of Student Records/Application by Director and Principal

      6. Interview of Parent by Director or Principal

      7. Assessment of skill levels in Reading, Language Arts, and Math

      8. Meeting of Prospective Student by Teacher or Principal

      Non Discrimination Policy

      Premiere Academy admits students of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin. Students with special needs will be considered on an individual basis in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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      K5-8th Grade- School Age Monthly Tuition/Fees

      Montly Tuition/Fees for school age students include:

      Breakfast, lunch, textbooks, workbooks,assessment testing, core curriculum corses, technology lab, spanish learning lab, religious instruction, weekly dance instruction, weekly music instruction, introduction to theatre,3 class trips/events per year,and facility insurance.

      Kindergarten and first time private school students in need of tuition assistance are encouraged to apply to the Alabama Oppourtunity Scholarship Fund at:    

      You may qualify to have 100% of your child's tuition paid in full each year that he/she attends school unit High School graduation, so act now to see if you qualify!

      Infant I & II's Weekly Tuitiion
      Toddler I & II 's Weekly Tuition
      Preschool I & II's Weekly Tuition
      Fall 2015/2016 Registration

      (Registration Fees are used to hold your child's space for the 2014/1 school term, cover administrative fees, cover testing and are non-refundable)

      Weekly Before School Care Fee

      Child care services before the scheduled school day. 6 AM-7:15 AM

      Weekly After School Care Fee

      Weekly child care services provided to students between the hours of 3-6 PM.

    • Our School

      Premiere Christian Academy of Excellence & Parent's Choice Academy
      Phone: 205-924-5223

      Premiere Christian Academy & Parent's Choice Academy ( Schools in Bloom Location II  6 weeks-3rd Grade)
      Mission—Investigate, Reflect, Explore, Lead, and Service!

      Our students and staff  investigates ideas and master advanced content,  reflects upon their own progress, explores connections between disciplines, and leads others in positive ways to new heights in achievement and service to the community.

      To accomplish our mission and establish our vision, we strive to meet and exceed Alabama's content standards and gifted education guidelines, provide supportive and challenging personal learning plans, implement best practices using the Integrated Curriculum Model, encourage the whole child through our curriculum and family partnerships, continued exposure to the arts through various community partnerships, support a highly trained professional staff, and serve Jefferson County and surrounding communities as a resource center for unique learning needs.


      Premiere Christian Academy of Excellence focuses on the academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development of each child.  Children engage in a variety of experiences designed to foster their continual growth.  We design and implement curriculum guides that are based on the  A Beka Curriculum, Theme Based Work Stations, STEM Education, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), and Common Core State Standards established for each subject area.  Students are also introduced to Home Economics Arts, as well as conversational Spanish.  Parents will be provided with a complete list of the learning expectations that will be taught and assessed to determine your child's progress throughout the school year.  Through cooperative efforts of parents, students. and school. your child will reach his/her potential.  

      As a parent, active participation in your child's education is essential.  Your child is very valuable to us, and we want him/her to succeed at school.  Please support this effort through ensuring good attendance, helping with homework, and encouraging your child to always do his/her best.  


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